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Watchtower™ SCM automates your security and compliance management process.

Automating information security and privacy program workflow processes has long been a huge need in the industry as practitioners, managers, senior executives, board members, etc struggle to get a grip on this critical process to prevent pitfalls that can cause over-hiring thus over-spending, lack of oversight thus numerous blind spots, practitioner burnouts instead of focusing on core competencies, etc. All of which can lead to data breaches, resulting in regulatory penalties; suits; loss of customers’ trust, brand value, revenue, etc.

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Here are a few of the features Watchtower™ Security & Compliance Manager (SCM) provides for your information security & privacy program.


One of two critical pillars on which Watchtower™ SCM is built to tackle industry-wide challenges that practitioners face. Automation helps practitioners focus on core competence rather than mundane processes that takes care of.

Risk management workflows

Process and tasks workflows ensure automation and transitioning of requirements within set SLAs, alerting for risky timelines, and escalation for breached timelines/SLAs.

Security principles enforcement

Ensures conflicts of interest, lest privilege, need to know, IRM, etc are enforced on users accounts to ensure critical system information is safeguarded to the highest level.

Change tracking

Tracking changes made to governance policies to avoid personnel burnout from having to manually manage the process and read entire policy documents as opposed to just the changes made.


Connects to external sources of data such as scanners to ingest system scan and vulnerability reports and manage POAM/risk register for timely automation of risk trending.

Compliance & security

Automatically selects compliance framework baseline controls based on categorization and provides tools to overlay security controls necessary to attain a higher threshold of security.


Program-level, organization-level, system-level, personnel-level, dashboards, etc enhances oversight to better manage limited program resource assignments efficiently.


Reporting is at every user’s fingertips within the context of resources they are permitted access. No need to request a report from other personnel when you can create your own.

Threat modeling

In addition to compliance capabilities, Watchtower™ SCM provides threat modeling features to help attain a higher security threshold beyond minimum baseline security requirements.

MSSP capabilities

Whether offering secure system development, assessments, authorization support, continuous monitoring, governance, or other capabilities, MSSPs are able to manage multiple customers.


Organizations can engage varities of MSPs/MSSPs capabilities, products/services, certifications, etc and easily engage, solicit, onboard, and assign tasks/assginments, collaborate, etc.

Secure infrastructure

The second of two critical pillars on which Watchtower™ SCM was developed with ages of industry experience to ensure best in class layered security Is built in, enforced, & continuously monitored 24/7.

Seriously simple information security and privacy risk management.

Prepare for systems & organizational information security & privacy risk management.

Categorize the information processed by your system(s).

Select security and privacy controls to safeguard your data.

Implement security & privacy controls to safeguard your data.

Assess the security & privacy controls safeguarding your data.

Authorize the operation of systems that process your data.

Monitor security & privacy controls implemented to protect your data.

Securely do it perpetually.


1. Setup Organization
Start by signing up with an organizational email address to setup the organization and any organizational hierarchy that may exist. Use default settings and SLAs or update to fit your org policy.

2. Register Systems
Enter application/system information you wish to put through your organization’s information security & privacy program in preparation for the initial steps in the process.

3. Populate & Assign Personnel
Add, bulk add, or assign via AD user accounts for information security practitioners, managers, senior executives, etc in appropriate roles & responsibilities and assign apps/systems as necessary.

4. Start Risk Management
Assigned users initialize and focus on core competencies to your organization’s risk management process on assigned apps/systems while Watchtower™ SCM automates the mundane processes workflows.

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