Security & Privacy

With seasoned information security & privacy professionals, we can help ensure your infrastructure meets security & privacy requirements unique to your environment(s). Learn more


We have the expertise and experience to ensure compliance with the myriad of frameworks as well as corresponding risk and vulnerability management. Learn more

Cloud Security & Strategy

With seasoned multi-cloud professionals armed with best practices cloud adoption framework, we ensure the strategy & roadmap to your secure cloud is as seamless as you’d like it to be. Learn more

Audits & Assessments

We assess hosts, databases, and web applications to identify potential configuration and other deficiencies so appropriate mitigations are formulated & implemented. Learn more

Secure Apps/Systems Development

Whether its an application or enterprise infrastructure, we can help securely plan, build/deploy, and manage them in compliance with pertinent security requirements. Learn more

Managed Services

We effectively manage, detect, and respond to network threats on your on-premises and cloud infrastructure(s) before they affect your business so you can rest assured. Learn more

Advisory Services

We provide risk management; governance, compliance, assurance; security & privacy; third-party risk; threat and vulnerability management; cyber breach services., etc. Learn more

Threat Modeling

Identify security requirements unique to your infrastructure through threat modeling and attack simulation to implement appropriate controls and as part of monitoring strategy. Learn more

Penetration Testing

Black-, gray-, or white-box internal and/or external pen-testing from attackers’ viewpoint(s) to discover, identify, remediate, and continuously monitor critical vulnerabilities. Learn more

Incident Response

Ensuring due diligence and due care before, during, and after an incident throughout the identify > protect > detect > respond > recover process is our specialty.  Learn more

Virtual CISO (vCISO)

With seasoned information security knowledge and security expertise, our on-site or remote virtual CISOs assume the role as part of your team, on a fulltime basis or otherwise. Learn more

Data & Analytics

We apply analytics to derive insights and limitless value from your data to secure, protect, and optimize your business by harnessing the latest advanced technologies. Learn more


Prepare and certify that your infrastructure meets one of the (DoD) CMMC levels of compliance requirements for security required to secure your and tyour customers’ information. Learn more


Our expertise is Integrating secure development best practices and methodologies into development & operations processes in everything we do. Let us put security first for your organization. Learn more


Get FedRAMP-authorized in record time, ensure ongoing compliance and security, ongoing and annual assessments, continuous monitoring, and vulnerability management. Learn more


Layered security + continuous monitoring + continuous improvement.

Our layered security approach across your Corporate, Development, and Operations environments for a seamless end-to-end security framework.

Governance/physical security layer your organization’s information assets, governance, risk management, and compliance program needs.

IAM layer is where zero trust identity infrastructure is designed to ensure decision/enforcement points.

Perimeter layer continuously monitor your assets to timely detect anomalies & events and understand the potential impact.

Network layer swiftly respond accordingly to contain any impact of potential cybersecurity incidents.

Application layer support efforts to quickly recover assets to normal operations to reduce the impact from a cybersecurity incident.

Data layer apply agile continuous improvement methodologies to ensure the ever-evolving threat landscape is mitigated.

Continuous monitoring and Continuous improvement Data apply agile continuous improvement methodologies to ensure the ever-evolving threat landscape is mitigated.

Frequently asked questions

What is baseline?

Baseline is the minimum security requirement to meet the needs of a certain security framework such as FedRAMP, NIST, etc. Learn more.

What is security?

Security is the higher threshold beyond baseline requirements with additional security controls to address unique requirements of the intended system. Learn more.

Baseline vs Security

Methodologies such as threat modeling are used to determine additional controls to address unique requirements to meet a higher threshold beyond baseline requirements.

How do we become compliant?

An initial assessment would be required to determine the gap between the current and desired states of your baseline and security requirements to determine necessary steps. Learn more.

How do we become more secure?

Threat modelling is an effective methodology that identifies unique security controls to ultimately secure your data flow as a part of your security and continuous monitoring strategy. Learn more.

What can happen if we’re neither?

If you neither meet baseline requirements for any framework nor security requirements for your unique infrastructure, you are most vulnerable to compromise and resultant consequences. Learn more.

How can I avoid all of this?

Due diligence of assessing the current state of your security and due care to address it to the extent possible are the ultimate responsibilities of each organization’s executives. Learn more.

Can Infinitiv make us secure?

We are specialists in the compliance with security framework baslines as well as helping organizations attain that higher threshold of security for their unique infrastructure. Learn more.

How is Infinitiv better than others?

We employ customer-centered design thinking approach to understand and reframe your challenges and ideate on solution(s) to implement to achieve the intended outcomes. Learn more.

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